MDU MA M Sc M Com Previous date sheet Annual Exams June 2013

MDU MA M Sc M Com Previous date sheet Annual Exams June 2013 | Theory date sheet for M.A./M.Sc./M.Com.(Previous) Annual Exams. June, 2013 | (Maximum External Marks – 80 & 100 Schemes) | Time of Exam.: 2:30 pm to 5:30 pm.

Date Subject Full Nomenclature Paper P.Code

English Literature in English 1550-1660 I 18001
Geography Geomorphology I 18057
History Ancient Societies I 18029
Hindi Adhunik Hindi Kavita I 18008
Pol. Sc. Indian Govt. & Politics II 18312
Economics Micro Economic I 18020
M.Com. Accounting for Managerial Decisions M.C. 1.1 18075
Mathematics Advance Abstract Algebra M.M.401-A 18100
Public Admn. Administrative Theory and thought I 18052
Sanskrit Vedic Literature-I I 18211

English Literature in English 1660-1798 II 18002
Geography Climatology Bio-Geography II 18058
History Medieval Societies II 18030
Hindi Adhunik Gadhya Sahitya II 18009
Pol. Sc. International Politics III 18313
Economics Macro Economic II 18021
M.Com. Management Concepts and Organisational Behaviour M.C. 1.2 18076
Mathematics Real Analysis MM-402-A 18101
Public Admn. Indian Administration II (i) 18053
Sanskrit Sanskrit Vyakaranam II 18212

English Literature in English 1798-1914 III 18003
Geography Research Geography (with special reference to India) III 18059
History Modern World III 18031
Hindi Hindi Sahitya Ka Itihas III 18010
Pol. Sc. Public Administration IV 18314
Economics Economic Growth and Development III 18022
M.Com. Business Environment (New) M.C. 1.3 18077
Mathematics Topology MM-403-A 18102
Public Admn. Comparative Public Administration III 18054
Sanskrit Bhartiya Darshan III 18213

English Literature in English 1914 to the present IV 18004
Geography 1-Population Geography IV (i) 18060
2-Urban Geography IV (ii) 18061
3-Geography of Health IV (iii) 18062
History History of Haryana IV 18032
Hindi Bhasha Vigyan Avm Hindi Bhasha IV 18011
Pol. Sc. Research Methodology V 18315
Economics Mathematics for Economists IV 18023
M.Com. Managerial Economics M.C. 1.4 18078
Mathematics Programming in C (ANSI Features and C++) MM-404-A Opt(i) 18103
Mathematics Mathematical Statistics and Operational Research MM-404-A(ii) 18104
Sanskrit Laukik Sanskrit Sahityam IV 18214

English 1-Poetry V(i) 18005
2-Drama V (ii) 18006
3-Fiction V (iii) 18007
History 1-State in India V(i) 18033
Hindi 1-Vishesh Rachnakar Kabir Dass V (i) 18012
2-Vishesh Rachnakar Prem Chand V (ii) 18013
Pol. Sc. Western Political Thought I 18311
Economics Statistical Methods V 18024
M.Com Business Statistics M.C. 1.5 18079
Mathematics Differential Equations MM-405-A 18105
Public Admn. Labour Welfare Administration IV (ii) 18056
Sanskrit Bhasha Vigyan V 18215

M.Com Computer Application to Business M.C. 1.6 (VI) 18080

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