NTPC Asst Chemist Trainee Syllabus 2014

NTPC Asst Chemist Trainee Syllabus 2014. Maharatna NTPC declared the syllabus for Asst Chemist Trainee examination through online : Visit site for download Syllabus.

Indicative Syllabus

Discipline: Chemistry (70 Questions)

A Physical Chemistry
Atomic Structure
States of Matter
Chemical Thermodynamics
Chemical and ionic Equilibrium
Redox Reactions
Phase equilibtia Solutions
Electro chemistry
Chemical Kinetics
Surface Chemistry
Nuclear Chemistry

B. Organic Chemistry
 Basic Concepts in Organic Chemistry and Stereochemistry
 Qualitative and quantitative analysis and purification of organic compounds.
 Preparation, Properties and reactions of Alkanes, Alkenes, Alkynes
 Organic compounds with functional group containing halogens
 Organic compounds with functional group containing oxygen
 Organic compounds with functional group containing nitrogen
 Reactions of unsaturated carbonyl and acids  Polymers
 Reactions of Benzene and hetro cyclic compounds
 Urea and malonic easter
 Spectroscopy measurements including IR, UV, NMR (proton and carbon 13)
 Biomolecules – Carbohydrates, Protein, Vitamins, Nucleic Acid, Lipids, Hormones
 Environmental Chemistry
 Chemistry in everyday life

C. Inorganic Chemistry
 Mole Concept and stoichiometry
 Periodic Table
 Chemical Bonding
 Main Group Elements
 Transition Elements and lanthanoids
 Coordination compound
 Metallurgy including Ellingham diagram (basic)
 Analytical Chemistry
 B-inorganic Chemistry

Part-II: Executive Aptitude Test (50 Questions)

Executive Aptitude Test is common to all disciplines and questions shall be based on:

01. Vocabulary
02. Reading comprehension
03. Quantitative aptitude
04. Reasoning ability
05. Interpretation of graphs/ charts/ tables
06. General Awareness

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