Haryana polytechnic syllabus trade Ceramic 2nd semester

Haryana polytechnic syllabus trade Ceramic 2nd semester subject general workshop practice for the session 2012-13 and you can read the syllabus as well as download from here.

Psychomotor skills are mastered through practice, an opportunity therefore, has been extended to students through this course to refine their skills in different trades. The basic skills developed during first semester will be refined during this course by doing higher order skills jobs. In addition to developing general manual and machining skills in the students, the objective of development of sense of dignity of labour, precision, safety at work places, team working and right attitude among the students will also be met.


Note: The students are supposed to come in proper workshop dress prescribed by the institute. Wearing shoes in the workshop(s) is compulsory. Importance of safety and cleanliness, safety measures and upkeep of tools, equipment and environment in each of the following shops should be explained and practiced. The students should prepare sketches of various tools/jobs in their practical Notebook.

The following shops are included in the syllabus.
1. Carpentry Shop-II
2. Plumbing Shop
3. Welding Shop -II
4. Electric Shop -II
5. Electronic Shop-II
6. Painting Shop

1. The branches e.g. Civil Engineering, Electrical Engineering, Mechanical Engineering, Production Engineering and Automobile Engineering will do Machine Shop instead of Electronic shop- II
2. The branches e.g. Electronics and Communication Engineering, Electronics and Instrumentation, Instrumentation and Control, Computer Engineering, Medical Electronics and Food Technology will do Electronic shop-II instead of Machine shop.
3. The instructor is to first explain the introductory part given at the beginning under each shop followed by demonstration and practice by students.

1. Carpentry Shop-II
1.1 Introduction to joints, their relative advantages and uses.
Job I Preparation of dovetail joint and glued joint.
Job II Preparation of mitre joint
Job III Preparation of a lengthening Joint
Job IV Preparation of at least one utility job with and without lamination.

1.2 Demonstration of job showing use of rip saw, bow saw and tenon saw, method of sharpening various saws.
1.3 Demonstration of job on band saw and circular saw, chain and chisel, universal wood working machine, Saw re-sharpening machine, saw brazing unit.
1.4 Importance and need of polishing wooden items. Introduction to polishing materials.

Job V Polishing on wooden items.

2. Plumbing Shop
2.1 Introduction to various types of threads (internal and external)-single start, multi-start, left hand and right hand threads.
2.2 Description and demonstration of various types of drills, taps and dies Selection of dies for threading, selection of drills, taps and reamers for tapping operations.
Job I Making internal and external threads on a job by tapping and dieing operations (manually)
2.3 Precautions while drilling soft metals, e.g. copper, brass, aluminium etc.
Job II Drilling practice on soft metals such as aluminum, brass and copper
Job III Preparation of a job by filing on non- ferrous metal up to an accuracy of

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