Haryana polytechnic syllabus trade CHEMICAL ENGINEERING Spl. Paint Tech3rd sem

Haryana polytechnic syllabus trade CHEMICAL ENGINEERING (Spl. Paint Tech) 3rd semester / subject PAINT TECHNOLOGY for the session 2012-13 and you can read the syllabus as well as download from here.

Formulation of coatings is based on optimization and balancing of three major components; resin, pigments and solvents and their interactions . This subject imparts knowledge regarding paint formulation and manufacturing to the students.


1. Introduction (4 hrs)
General introduction to paint industry, definition of paints, varnishes and lacquers, their constitution and functions, source and composition of oils, non-glyceride.

2. Formulations (8 hrs)
Principles of paint formulation, formulation elements, mathematics and steps. PVC, CM, P/B ratio, Sp gravity. Typical formulations of primers, undercoats and finish coats, industrial and site applied coating for steelwork under mild, moderate and severe conditions.

3. Solvents (2 hrs)
Types of volatile solvents and their properties.

4. Steps in Paint Manufacturing (6 hrs)
Phenomenon of wetting, grinding and dispersion, Important considerations in pigment dispersion, important considerations in rheology of pigment dispersion.

5. Mixing Equipment (24 hrs)
Heavy duty mixers, double blade mixers, W& P banding, sigma kneaders, pug mills. Ball, pebble and bead mills, cascading and factors affecting effectiveness of milling such as size and speed of mill, volume, composition, size and shape of grinding medium, mill base, attritors and vibration mill, Sand mill, type of grinding media, sand grinding, process efficiency of mill, Horizontal sand mills like dyno mills, pearls mills. Mill base let down source of let down, trouble, optimum let down condition

6. Safety (4 hrs)
Safety measures, protection, factory layout principles and general considerations, typical flow diagram, single and multi storeyed building, sections of a paint factory and their location.

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